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Please watch the video below for an introduction into how pellets are made. Since 2006 PelHeat have been involved in the pellet market in the research, development and promotion of various wood pellets and biomass pellets. We understand the skills required to be able to produce high quality fuel pellets in a wood pellet mill. 

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What Is Driving Wood Pellet Demand And The Demand For Pellet Mills?

Wood pellets are a relatively new type of home heating fuel. Over the last half a century consumers have been given very low maintaince heating solutions from oil and gas. Up until now there have been very little issues, the prices have been relatively stable and no one was even aware of climate change. However times have changed, and whether you think global warming is or isn't happening the facts are that the supply and price of oil and gas is very uncertain. Wood pellets offer a more stable energy supply and cheaper fuel. Therefore wood pellet demand is growing.

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At PelHeat we spend most of our time educating visitors to our websites on how wood pellets are made, and the equipment used. We offer customers of our guide a one-to-one service to answer their questions, however we know some people just want some basic information on how the wood pellet mill works. Therefore we have a series of free guides on wood pellet production, please enter your details below.

What We Have Learnt From Making Wood Pellets For Heating Fuel

When we first started to make wood pellets we as many people still do thought the process was pretty straight forward, just add material into a wood pellet mill and you get wood pellets. To say this was simplifying the process would be a massive understatement. We began to understand how the small details which are often overlooked are the key factors when it comes to making pellets. For instance you maybe aware that moisture needs to be controlled, however even a 2% change in moisture can increase or decrease productivity of the wood pellet mill by 30%.

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So How Are Quality Wood Pellets Made In The Pellet Mill?

If you browse the internet you will come across many different models of wood pellet mills and many different pictures and videos of the pellets they produce. In pictures and video they may appear very similar, however its the density of the pellet that is very important. Pellet density is one of the most critical factors in how well they burn. Many of the pictures and videos are of low density wood pellets, as other materials are mixed in to make the pellet mill appear it has a higher productivity that it actually does. The other reason is many of the wood pellet mills cannot actually produce a 100% wood pellet without blocking up completely due do poor quality pellet mill dies.

"Making wood pellets in the pellet mill is easy!"

That is a statement you will hear from most of the pellet mill manufactures from China, and the re-sellers of their equipment. While with the right knowledge and equipment making wood pellets can be straight forward, it should never be referred to as easy. We can help to teach you the skills you will require to make pellets.

Pellet Quality, Pellet Press Productivity and Energy Demand

Making quality wood pellets is a balance between the productivity of the pellet mill, the energy it consumes and the quality of the pellet that is produced. You need to evaluate what pellet density is required for your market. There is no reason to produce a high density wood pellet if the market does not require it. One of the other key factors is a quality wood pellet mill die, with holes which are polished to a sufficient standard. Also you need a die deep enough to provide the required compression, one die is not suitable for all potential biomass/feed materials.

The PelHeat Beginners Guide To Making Wood Pellets

To help to start you off on your journey of learning how pellets are made, we have produced the Beginners Guide To Making Pellets. This guide will introduce you to the various designs of pellet mill on the market, and also the complications as many are not suitable for wood pellets. You will also receive a series of free guides on the process, from the quality of die, to the importance of material particle size and the need for proper moisture control. The beginners guide is completely free, you just enter your details below, you will also over time be sent an additional 4 guides.

The PelHeat Complete Guide To Making Wood Pellets

If you are at the stage where you are looking more seriously into making pellets we have the complete PelHeat guide for you. This guide will go through the complete process and in quite a lot of detail. However a guide can only provide so much information, as practically every project is unique. Therefore for every customer of the guide we are here to answer you unique questions. For instance you may have a raw material that you are not sure if it can make pellets, or if those pellets have a market. You may have a budget in mind and want to know if it is sufficient to start making pellets at the productivity you require. These questions and more are what we can help you with. If you want to go straight to purchasing the complete guide please look for the link at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your interest in making wood pellets, don't forget to watch the PelHeat YouTube videos above.

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