What Makes The Best Wood Pellet Mill Die Template?

The die is the most important part of any pellet mill, however this is particularly true when processing wood pellets. If the die is not made to the highest standards there will be issues.

While is it true almost an organic material and many other materials can be compressed into a pellet form, this is not possible with one machine with no modifications. To an extent the same pellet mill with the same die template can produce pellets from a wide range of materials, however what about the quality of the pellets the press is producing? There are many variables on the pellet mill that can be changed from the roller rotation speed to the feed rate of the raw material. However when it comes down to it the die template is the most important part in the pellet mill. The simple fact is every material is different and requires more or less heat/pressure to form a pellet of sufficient density. These factors are mainly influenced by the die template. What metal is the die made from? What diameter are the holes? What is the taper and relief on those holes? And finally what is the depth of the die? Every one of these answers can be different for different materials. Really to achieve the best performance of productivity/energy and pellet quality you would design a new die template for each material. However as many people wish to process a range of materials this is not really practical or affordable. However materials where possible should be separated into groups. For instance the most basic of which is one die template for low density animal feed pellets and another die for high density fuel pellets from wood and other biomass materials. We make all our dies in house to unique material needs and features.

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