Wood Pellet Burning Stove Or Pellet Machine

Now, many consumers today are under the misconception, that all wood pellet burning stoves are made equal. This is simply not the case, and choosing the best pellet stove for your budget requires evaluating the stove from various different features and abilities.

Firstly, there are the basic criteria that you would check all heating solutions by. For example, does the unit meet the minimum heating demands of the property, available space for the stove and meeting fire safety regulations during installation. However as gas and oil systems use one standardized fuel, the wood pellet burning stove has the ability to use a variety of pellet fuels made from many different resources as they all be compressed in the same uniform shape. The issue is that while this maybe the case for some pellet stoves, it is not the case for all pellet stoves. Different fuel pellets have different burning characteristics, this can range from changes in ash content to increased levels of sulphur and chloride during combustion. Many pellet stoves are not designed intentionally to be able to handle these fuels. The reason, the majority of the market currently only burns premium wood pellet fuels, and it is much cheaper to design and built a pellet stove to burn only premium grade fuel. Currently, this issue is not widely acknowledged as there is still sufficient pine, spruce and oak waste residues to meet the demands of the pellet market. However as the pellet heating market grows, the demand for pellet fuel will outstrip the available waste premium wood pellet resources. When this happens, two issues will result. Firstly, due to the lack of pellets and high demand, premium pellet prices will rise. As well as price rises, pellet supply and availability will also be an issue for many consumers. Here is where the choice of pellet burning stove will make the difference. Consumers who purchased more pellet fuel flexible pellet burning stoves will be able to use other types of pellet fuel which will be in much greater supply and obviously much much cheaper.

Wood Pellet Equipment and Local Pellets

At PelHeat, we encourage and promote the development of small scale pellet production to help provide a more local supply of pellets to help consumers get a wider range of pellet fuels, and also help to generate local jobs and the local economy. So what is the wood pellet production process, and what equipment and raw materials are required. Well, that is what the wood pellet production is all about. As you maybe aware, the core piece of equipment is the pellet mill, also known as the pellet press or pellet machine. Here is where pellet compression takes place. However the pellet mill is a sensitive piece of equipment, and it can only compress materials which have the right qualities, such as moisture content and particle size. We offer UK made pellet machine which are far more automated than other pellet presses.


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