Making Wood Pellets For Fuel With A Pellet Machine

Wood pellets are now becoming a more well known source of wood fuel, however they are still not as well known as using wood logs or wood chips as a source of fuel. So what are the benefits of using wood pellets to logs or wood chips, or are there even any benefits at all?

Well there are many benefits. One of the major benefits is for the consumer. When you go to purchase logs or wood chips, it can be hard to know what type of fuel you are actually buying due to the moisture content. Obviously if you are picking up the fuel your self, you could take a moisture meter and check the fuel. However, in many cases people have the fuel delivered and paid for, therefore much harder to reject the fuel. In terms of moisture, really for a fuel to burn efficiently and produce little or no smoke, the moisture must be below 20%, and really you need a moisture content below 10%. Now, in many cases the wood logs and chips which are sold to consumers still has between 30-40% moisture. Not only does this mean the fuel will burn poorly, it also means that you are buying effectively water. So what about pellets? Well, for a pellet to hold its shape and have a smooth surface with a good shine, it will definitely have a moisture content below 15%. Why? because a pellet cannot hold its shape with more moisture been present. So even on the moisture point, you can be sure when you purchase pellets just by looking at them you are buying fuel and not water. However pellets also have several other benefits, namely increased density over the raw material and a uniform size and shape. Pellets can be used in automated combustion systems such as pellet stoves and boiler, where logs are almost always a highly manual process. Please click below for videos of our pellet machine in action producing high quality oak wood pellets.

Wood Pellet Machine Videos

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